10 Things You Can Do to Start Homesteading

Although choosing to bypass commercial eggs may seem like a small thing — even inconsequential to some — these small things add up. The quality of all of our lives improve as we become more aware that these tiny choices are out there just waiting to be embraced.

Having our homestead is about creating a space that inspires me. When I share our eggs with this welcoming community, I think, "People will see the beauty here, and they'll fall in love just like I did. Someone out there will want something like this for themselves too." But like anything, that's not the whole story.

Out in the 'real world' some people I speak with don't get why we keep chickens we don't eat, or why we would keep chickens if we don't have an 'egg business'. If we want chicks or eggs, why don't we go to the grocery store, or dig through a bin of discount chicks at the farm store?

The truth is — that's just not what a utopia looks like, and I can never seem to get past that. We make so many ethical tradeoffs in order to live in this miraculous modern convenient world. I just feel like we're so close to striking a more sustainable balance when it comes to the options we have as consumers.

The actual thing that inspired me to get chickens had nothing to do with loving these fluffy little balls of joy. It was about having the freedom of a better, safer choice when it comes to the food we eat. We don't keep our chickens in cages, they eat food-grade feed, and we reduce our dependencies on food that has been bombarded by pesticides.

The incredible result was discovering how amazing chickens are to live with. By inspiring others to take back control over where their food comes from and how it is produced, I can think about the future and feel like we're all headed in a direction that feels more intentional and with a clear conscience.

We can keep our own gardens. We can tend our own chickens. We can venture out into OUR backyards and collect our own eggs and herbs and veggies.

Our homestead gives us a consumer option that feels like freedom from a bigger corporate organism that previously seemed too expansive to break free from. We hope someone else out there feels that way too.

Ethical chicks. Ethical eggs. Happy Hens.

– All the love, Kelsey



  1. Start a garden
  2. Start a compost pile
  3. Keep your own chickens
  4. Experiment with foraging
  5. Keep a sourdough starter for bread
  6. Can & preserve garden produce
  7. Make (some of) your own products
  8. Buy less
  9. Buy local

That's all for now, chicken friends!