Hatching Eggs vs Shipping Chicks

We've been asked a lot if we ship chicks through the mail. Well — U.S. estimates say that in recent years up to 40% of chicks do not survive the journey to their destination. As an ethical hatchery, that number is just too high to justify sending babies through the mail. 

It is not only problematic from an animal welfare perspective, but we also consider the emotional toll on the recipients, many of whom are families building a backyard flock and have children.

Some tips on ordering chicks from hatcheries — order from the closest hatchery to you. If everyone ordered chicks from only 1 to 2 states away, this could increase the odds of a successful journey by up to 80% 🥳

For those thinking about buying an incubator for the first time — it is a wonderful journey! Expect to drop $40-$60 on an incubator from Fleet Farm or Amazon.

Order roughly twice the number of eggs as the hens you want to end up with to accommodate for roosters and eggs that do not hatch.

When it comes time to finding the best possible home for your pet roosters, join your local Facebook backyard poultry group, post a cute photo of your little guy, and know that the folks on these groups are going to come through for you!

If you have a pet rooster who is developing signs of aggression and you want to keep him, see our Instagram story highlights for "Bad Rooster!" With the breeds and bloodlines we work with, it's as easy to train them into behaving as training a dog to sit! Really!

As an ethical hatchery, we always try to be real with folks and hope you've found these tips helpful! Despite how easy chickens can be to raise and care for, we must never forget that they are live animals and we strive to treat them with dignity.

Happy hatching out there, Chicken Friends! And as always, stay awesome!🥚🐣🐥

— Kelsey, Chicken Shepherdess at Highland Homestead

That's all for now, chicken friends!