Collection: Hatching Eggs

When you receive hatching eggs from us each egg will be labeled with a breed code ✏️🥚 Happy hatching! How to Incubate Hatching Eggs
  • Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs
    celadon coturnix quail eggs
    Coturnix Quail are a special addition to any back yard or homestead. Birds are quiet, don't require much space, have a rapid rate of maturation, and lay eggs near-daily. Eggs have superior nutritional content to traditional chicken eggs, and you do not need any special licenses to keep this particular breed of Quail. View Chicks

    There are no visual differences between these breeds - the Celadon egg-gene mutation is the only differentiating factor in Coturnix Quail. You can tell males from females around the time they start crowing (once they are around 2 mos old). The females retain spots on their chests - and the males grow out of them and have solid chests. The only exception would be if any have white tuxedo markings obscuring the chests, and we try not to breed with too many of these. Read more about Hatching Quail
    • Disposition: Quiet, Flighty
    • Eggs:
      300+ per year
    • Traits: Dual-Purpose, Bears Confinement
    • 12 Eggs – Jumbo $15
    • Mixed Dozen $20
  • Rainbow Egg Collections
    Rainbow Egg Collections
    Need hatching eggs available sooner, or filling in some gaps in your colorful egg baskets with beautiful blues or greens? Use code RAINBOW20 for 20% off these assorted rainbow egg collections during checkout. View Chicks

    KID PACKS (Our Friendliest Large Breed Chickens) will include some or all of the following breeds: Black Copper Marans (line A), Lavender Ameraucanas, Black F2  Olive Eggers, Lavender F1 Olive Eggers, Mint Eggers (autosexing), Bielefelders (autosexing), and Orpingtons.
    • 6 Eggs – Rainbow $40
    • 6 Eggs – Blues, Mints, Olives $40
    • 6 Eggs – Sage & Olives $40
    • 6 Eggs – Kid Pack $50
    • 12 Eggs – Rainbow $80
    • 12 Eggs – Sage & Olives $80
    • 12 Eggs – Kid Pack $100
  • Marans Hatching Eggs
    Marans Hatching Eggs
    Sometimes marketed as "French" Marans in the US, these very special hens are coveted for laying the darkest red-chocoloate-brown eggs in the poultry world. Our Black Copper A line has an exceptionally agreeable temperament for the Marans breed. View Chicks
    • Disposition: Active, Calm
    • Eggs:
      250+ per year
    • Point of Lay: 5 months
    • Traits: Great Foragers
    • PLEASE NOTE: Due to demand, we will need to keep back the darkest BCM eggs to expand our breeding flocks in 2020 in order to fill future orders more promptly. Ordering Black Copper Marans may increase the time it takes us to fulfill your order of little ones, and we are working towards improving or eliminating those wait times.
    • 6 Eggs – Black Copper (A & B Lines) $50
    • 6 Eggs – Black or Blue Copper $40
  • Bielefelder Hatching Eggs
    Bielefelder Hatching Eggs
    One of the sweetest breeds we've ever worked with. Males and females can be sorted at hatch. View Chicks
    • Disposition: Friendly, Calm
    • Eggs:
      200+ per year
    • Egg weight: 60 grams
    • Traits: Autosexing, Dual-Purpose
    • 6 Eggs – Autosexing $25
    • 12 Eggs – Autosexing $50
  • Olive Egger Hatching Eggs
    Olive Egger Hatching Eggs
    Olive Eggers are hybrid chickens - green eggshells are achieved by crossing a dark-brown egg-layer with a blue-shelled egg layer. Green eggs and ham, anyone? View Chicks
    • Disposition: Active, Calm
    • Eggs:
      300+ per year
    • Egg weight: 60 grams
    • Point-of-lay: 4.5 months
    • Traits: Great Foragers
    • 6 Eggs – Blue or Black (F2) $35
    • 6 Eggs – Lavender (F1)) $50
    • 12 Eggs – Blue or Black (F2) $70
  • Mint Egger Hatching Eggs
    Mint Egger Hatching Eggs
    Autosexing at hatch, these chicks have super-secret genetics and will lay a lighter green egg and have wonderful, easygoing temperaments. View Chicks
    • Disposition: Active
    • Eggs:
      300+ per year
    • Point-of-lay: 5 months
    • Traits: Great Foragers
    • 6 Eggs – Autosexing $40
    • 12 Eggs – Autosexing $80
  • Legbar Hatching Eggs
    Legbar Hatching Eggs
    Birds are crested; males and females are auto-sexing at hatch. View Chicks
    • Disposition: Active
    • Eggs:
      300+ per year
    • Traits: Autosexing
  • Ameraucana Hatching Eggs
    Ameraucana Hatching Eggs
    This purebred breed lays a blue egg and has the most adorable fluffy cheeks (called muffs) and fluffy beards. Their small pea combs and absence of any pronounced wattles make them exceptionally suited for colder climates. This breed is different from a commercial 'Easter Egger'. View Chicks
    • Disposition: Active, quiet; Lavenders are especially sweet once mature, but we have found that some roosters of both colors can be aggressive and are working to breed this out of both lines (the Lavender rooster we have chosen to work with is a huge sweetheart).
    • Eggs:
      250+ per year
    • Egg Weight: LAV 55 grams / IS 40 grams
    • Point of Lay: 5 months
    • Traits: Great Foragers
    • Breed Origin: United States
    • Type: Our Lavenders do not display any of the known faults associated with this color (ie, leakage or the ragged feathering gene). PLEASE NOTE that all Lavender Ameraucana breeders in the US are working on improving plumage quality and breed size. With Isabels, all breeders who have acquired these birds are working to improve egg size – and I would go so far as to say Isabels lay bantam-sized eggs (the deep blue color and glossy eggshell sheen are phenomenal though).
    • 6 Eggs – Isabel $65
  • Cochin Bantam Hatching Eggs
    Cochin Bantam Hatching Eggs

    Feather-legged and poufy-tailed, Cochins are an amazingly docile breed for young children. They like to stay closer to the coop when let out, and are incredibly easy for friends and neighbors to handle if you want to show off how soft and fluffy your Cochins are. View Chicks

    Bantam eggs will be smaller than Large Fowl (Standard) eggs.

    • Disposition: Docile, Calm
    • Eggs:
      250+ per year
    • Traits: Broody, Best with Children
    • Disclosures: our Bobtails were purchased from Karl Rau's personal breeding stock when he retired – we have zero imported bloodlines from the Netherlands. Hatching eggs will be listed if available, however they are sometimes-to-often included in our 'Assorted' Cochin Hatching Eggs.
    • 6 Eggs – Assorted $45