Legbars (Rare Egg Collection)
Legbars (Rare Egg Collection)

Legbars (Rare Egg Collection)

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Autosexing at hatch, this blue-egg-laying breed is crested (moderate fluffy head poufs) and very showy. Our Legbars come in both Cream Crested and Opal Crested, and lay our deepest blue eggs. Shipping September 2020.
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300+ per year
Egg Weight
60 grams
Point of Lay
4.5 months
Breed Origin
United Kingdom (Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales)
A slightly smaller body type and tendency to be a bit flightly if not socialized from a young age.
  • 6 Eggs – Cream & Opal $60
  • 12 Eggs – Cream & Opal $120

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Shipping Policy and Guarantee

Availability Information

— Orders are typically filled within 2 – 8 weeks. Please note that we have waitlists and do not keep a stockpile of eggs on hand — your eggs will be collected fresh for your specific order once you reach the top of the queue.

— If your order includes any Ameraucana or Bielefelder eggs, this will push back your fulfillment date.

— For all estimated ship week inquiries — we will reach out via email once your hatching egg orders can be filled. We are not able to reliably estimate orders beyond the 2-3 week mark.

The more you know: Throughout the year, egg-laying can fluctuate due to extreme temperatures in the summer and winter months. Hens also experience a decline in egg laying during molting season in the Fall, in addition to any periods of random broodiness an individual hen may go through.

— Our chick hatching season has ended for the year. Hatching eggs are always available year-round. 

Shipping & Rates

We ship Hatching Eggs Mon through Wed of each week, and Saturdays (with Monday arrival) via USPS Priority 2-Day Shipping.

Eggs will be labeled with breed identification codes and are enveloped in individual bubble pouches before being placed inside our industrial-strength egg cartons, then double-boxed using compostable packing peanuts to create an eco-friendly pressure-packed bundle of goodness.


Regional Flat Rate Shipping
Up to 2-dozen Chicken Eggs or 5-dozen Quail Eggs (Price Per Box)
$14 — USPS 2-Day Priority
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Shipping Hatching Eggs

We cannot guarantee hatch rates due to many variables beyond our control during shipping, which is the universal policy with all breeders and hatcheries. Rough handling, x-ray machines, fluctuating temperatures, occasional USPS shipping delays, and your experience with the actual incubation process all affect your hatch rate. You agree to accept all risk with shipped eggs from any breeder or hatchery, including ours. If we choose to offer a reshipment, note that shipping is always paid for by the buyer from any breeder or hatchery, including ours. In most cases, however, you will simply need to reorder any eggs you wish to receive.

BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER: we do not refund the purchase price of hatching eggs once they have been shipped to the customer, as nothing can be returned. You agree to these terms when purchasing hatching eggs. Our hens are pastured, not caged, and as such eggs are sometimes shipped with minor debree such as grass from the pastures where they were laid. Any soiled eggs are kept back and successfully hatched in our own incubator, just as they are hatched under hens in nature. Please scroll down the page to read up on standard shipping practices and what to do when you receive your eggs. The more you know!

Please take photos of any cracked eggs along with the package that the eggs came in showing any and all damage, and email them to us as soon as possible. We will issue a refund on any damaged eggs that exceed the number of extra eggs we sent you. We always try to include extra eggs to cover any that USPS may crack while in transit. Extra eggs are sent to cover potential damages, they are not included in our pricing.

How does USPS shipping work? 

You should expect a call from your post office once your order has arrived for pick-up (orders are not shipped directly to your home unless you specifically request this adjustment to your order in the notes section during checkout).

USPS does the best they can, but not all employees treat boxes with care, however carefully they are labeled.

If you experience a delay with shipping, your tracking number has 100% of the information available to you or any USPS employee. There is no way for your box to be located between scans, and sometimes scans are missed at a particular location along your box's route to you. The best course of action is to be patient and wait for your tracking number to resume receiving scan updates. USPS has never 'lost' a chick or hatching egg box to our knowledge during a shipping delay.

If you do experience a delay, you should continue to incubate your eggs as intended, as delays should not detrimentally impact the viability of your eggs (although exposure to extreme temperatures during a delay should be of concern). You accept all risk with shipped eggs from any breeder or hatchery. If you wish to reorder eggs, this is 100% up to you.

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There is a 'Notes' textbox during checkout — please specify any blackout dates in the notes section that you do not wish to receive your order. Please let us know if you are willing to accept any substitutions to have a quicker ship date, or if you are placing an EARLY order to reserve a later ship date. We fill orders in the order they were placed, so it is important to place your paid order as soon as possible to get the best chance at earlier ship dates.

Chicks and Adult Layer Birds

We occasionally offer chicks in the Spring or adult birds in the Fall, which are available via local pick-up only. Live birds go very quickly when available, and we do not keep a waitlist or preorder list for them. If you would like to be notified about upcoming Chick / Layer Events, you will need to subscribe to our insiders news letter sign up here. Local pick-ups are by appointment, and we will coordinate a pick-up date/time with you via the contact information you provide during the checkout process. We are located in Minnesota, 35 minutes north of St Paul. There is no minimum order for local pickups.

Please note that we do have strict biosecurity protocols in place to prevent against the transference of diseases from outside flocks to our own, and therefore do not offer farm tours. Local pickup will be limited to the front porch or farm stand. Thank you so much for your understanding – our chickens appreciate it!


The United States Postal Service will not accept shipments of poultry into or out of zip codes 90000-93599 (and some surrounding post office locations) due to the Virulent Newcastle Disease Regional Quarantine. Please do not place an order if your zip code falls within this restriction, as we will not be able to ship your order. Thank you for your cooperation.


We absolutely accept cancellations for all orders which have not yet been packaged for shipping. If you do decide to cancel your order, please email us with your order number and the reason for cancellation (simply changing your mind is a perfectly fine reason for us). Sometimes it is necessary for us to cancel an order due to unforeseen circumstances, and we reserve the right to do so. In either case, you will be issued an immediate and full refund for any cancellations.

Return Policy

Due to bio-security regulations, we do not accept returns on hatching eggs or chicks. Nothing can return to our property once it has left (including adult chickens). 

Zero-Tolerance Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about a recent order, please visit our contact page. We want to make sure you are satisfied with your order, and are happy to go to great lengths to ensure this.

That being said, we are a family business. Any messages we receive which are not polite and professional in nature will result in an immediate cancellation (and refund) of any unfulfilled orders. For fulfilled orders, no further remediations may be taken.

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Breeding Stock

Most of our birds have been sourced from out-of-state private breeders who have won championships or national competitions. When possible, we have only sourced from breeders who practiced ethical housing on their birds.

Please note that we may very well order from John Lund in the future to introduce new blood into our own Swedish Flower Hen flock, however. Additionally, our Bobtails were purchased from Karl Rau's personal breeding stock when he retired – we have zero imported bloodlines from the Netherlands at this time.

We will never disclose any breeders we have worked with in the past regarding which decisions met or exceeded our expectations, and which transactions ended up being scams. We accept that all decisions we've made in regard to who we were willing to trust with our orders were vetted by us and us alone. Please be sure to do your own vetting and look for any disclosures that we've made the effort to include on our individual breed pages. We include anything which might be of interest to you, the buyer, so that you are fully informed in your pursuit of the perfect pet or breeding stock.

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